For the benefit of those providing the teas, these are to be made for 26 people. Tea bags and sugar will already be available at the Pavilion. The standard fare is 4 loaves of sandwiches (Average 1 round per person), 3 pints of Milk, Selection of Cakes, Savouries e.g. mini sausage rolls etc., Malt loaf/ biscuits.

An allowance of up to 35.00 for the purchase of food has been agreed by the General Committee.

The charge for teas to away teams is 45, where there isn't already an agreement for no charge due to reciprocal fixtures.


Suppers are planned to be provided on Saturday evenings, generally served at 8.00pm, for a charge of approximately 3.00.

For the benefit of those providing the supper, past evidence has shown us that approximately 25 meals have been sold on an average Saturday, and hopefully the cost of ingredients can be recovered from the proceeds.


Lunches will be provided for players and officials during cricket week matches. There will usually be a few spare servings for guests, which will be charged at ?